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Gamers Thumb How Video Games Can Hurt

Gamer’s Thumb: How Video Games Can Hurt

An injury from an online game? It’s not as crazy as it sounds, or even that uncommon. You’d be surprised how prevalent Repetitive Strain InjuriesRepetitive Strain Injuries (RSI’s) are for the millions upon millions of video game and esports players there are in the country and the world at large. The back to school season will no doubt bring up cases of “computer elbow” for schoolchildren across the nation.

Sports Injuries Outlook Is Important

Sports Injuries: Outlook is Important

Whether you play in a league, take long runs or hikes, or simply like to walk around the block, an ankle sprain, muscle pull, or herniated disc can be a painful, disruptive experience. If you lead an active lifestyle, dealing with a new or persistent injury often feels like the end of the road. But with the right mindset – and the right pain treatment team – that doesn’t have to be the case.

To Everything There Is A Season: Chronic Pain & Seasonal Changes

Using Guided Epidural and SJ Therapies to Gain Relief from Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? You can find relief with injections guided precisely using various techniques by experienced physicians. We use the latest science and data-driven approaches so that you can feel immediate and lasting relief. If you suffer from chronic pain and are seeking a pain-free life, undergoing procedures from ReclaimAbility might be what you need to alleviate that chronic pain.