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Making Strides: ReclaimAbility Walks to Fight Breast Cancer

Throughout the year, the American Cancer Society holds Making Strides of Breast Cancer walks around the country. From NJ to PA to IL, thousands of people sign up and show up to help spread the word about how to fight breast cancer and fund life-saving research.
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Chronic Pain & Seasonal Changes

To Everything There Is A Season: Chronic Pain & Seasonal Changes

Can pain change seasonally? Does chronic pain worsen during the cold, or just become more noticeable? What exactly is barometric pressure and how much control does it have over what you’re feeling?
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Gamer’s Thumb: How Video Games Can Hurt

An injury from an online game? It’s not as crazy as it sounds, or even that uncommon. You’d be surprised how prevalent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI’s) are for the millions upon millions of video game and esports players there are in the country and the world at large.
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Knee support brace

Sports Injuries: Outlook is Important

Whether you play in a league, take long runs or hikes, or simply like to walk around the block, an ankle sprain, muscle pull, or herniated disc can be a painful, disruptive experience.
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Using Guided Epidural and SJ Therapies to Gain Relief from Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? You can find relief with injections guided precisely using various techniques by experienced physicians.
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Migraines and How Meditation Can Help

When a migraine strikes, most people want to lie down in a dark room and hide. This causes immense stress on the body.
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Common Causes of Back Pain

We all experience aging. It is a part of the human condition. As children, living in the ideal of eternal youth, we never thought about aging, but as we grow older, we often complain about one thing: aching bones.
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Working From Home and Repetitive Strain Injury

We’ve all been through the hardships of the pandemic together. We learned how to cope with its difficulties by adjusting our lifestyles, which included working from home.
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Back & Leg Pain During (and With) COVID – How to Feel Better and Manage Pain

All of us suffer from leg pain or back aches at least once in our adult lives, and many suffer every day.
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Treating Sciatica Pain at Home and in the RA Office

Sciatica symptoms, typically pain, can be a result of a herniated disk, a bone spur or narrowing of the spine, that compresses or pinches the nerve.
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