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Using Guided Epidural and SJ Therapies to Gain Relief from Pain

Using Guided Epidural and SJ Therapies to Gain Relief from Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? You can find relief with injections guided precisely using various techniques by experienced physicians. We use the latest science and data-driven approaches so that you can feel immediate and lasting relief. If you suffer from chronic pain and are seeking a pain-free life, undergoing procedures from ReclaimAbility might be what you need to alleviate that chronic pain.

There are several ways to administer injections to lessen the stress on nerves to help make you feel better, such as fluoroscopic (x-ray guided) epidural steroid injections. For those that suffer from degenerative spinal diseases, epidural injections can offer relief, according to the National Library of Medicine. Additionally, ultrasound guided sacroiliac joint injections may be beneficial.

The painful areas are typically scanned via X-ray or ultrasound, depending on the method your doctor is using, to determine where your pain resides. This dictates where the needle trajectory may be placed, and how deep to insert the needle at the injection site.

At ReclaimAbility, we see many different types of back and body pain in our patients. These range from herniated lumbar discs, to lumbar radicular pain, and spinal stenosis. This can originate from sitting too long due to remote work. It can also stem from car accidents and work related-injuries.

Using Guided Epidural and SJ Therapies to Gain Relief from Pain

You may require several consecutive procedures to deliver the utmost relief.

Patients can choose to be sedated for the procedure, but it’s not required. During it, patients can expect to feel a pinch on the back to numb the skin and the patient may feel a bit of pressure at the injection site.

Afterwards, there may be some side effects from the numbing medication. These can include numbness and weakness in the arms or legs, which will wear off as the medication dissipates. The injected steroids will then take three to five days to begin alleviating pain and may take up to two weeks for maximal results.

The goal of Epidural Therapies is to improve physical function, movement, and activities of daily living. Patients are then encouraged to maintain activity and participate in physical therapy to strengthen the spine.

If you feel that your chronic pain is restricting your life, please contact our office to see one of our doctors to discuss if our various therapies are the right procedure for you.

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