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ReclaimAbility Moves to Linwood, NJ

ReclaimAbility Moves to Linwood, NJ

ReclaimAbility is proud to announce that we’ve opened a new office location in Linwood, NJ. We decided to make the move from Somers Point to Linwood to offer our patients an overall better experience. Our new office is larger with updated construction, an on-site surgical suite, and injections can now be performed on-site. The office is also more accessible for handicapped patients.

How To Describe

How to Describe Your Pain to a Doctor

As many chronic pain patients know, it can be difficult to describe pain to someone who is not experiencing it. When this results in misunderstanding between family members and friends, it can be frustrating. When this results in miscommunication with doctors, it can be devastating. It’s easy to feel hopeless when it seems like the one person who may be able to help you doesn’t understand your pain. In some part, this disconnect is due to general practitioners lacking experience with chronic pain. It is also a result of the complex nature of pain.

What Chronic Pain Patients

What Chronic Pain Patients Wish You Knew

Through years of working with patients suffering from chronic pain, we’ve seen the complex ways it shapes people’s relationships, stressing friendships and marriages, lowering self-worth and causing feelings of helplessness. We’ve seen the power pain has to make people feel isolated, but they don’t have to be. If you know someone suffering with chronic pain, here are a few things you should know.

Patient Advocacy

Make Patient Advocacy More Than a Buzzword

Just as there are several conditions that can lead to pain and several treatments that can help relieve it, there are many different types of patients. There are those with robust support systems who face their diagnoses surrounded by family and friends. There are those who come in with a dedicated person who is ready to fight for them and others who come in, educated and ready to fight for themselves. And still, some come in with no one. These are the patients who are feeling overwhelmed by options and information and isolated by their pain. These are the patients who too often fall through the cracks.

vulnerable populations industry expertise

How Pain Disproportionately Affects Vulnerable Populations

Chronic pain has been referred to as the invisible epidemic, but just because it cannot be seen does not mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Not only does chronic pain take an emotional toll, it is costly to countries and individuals. In 2017, The University of Michigan found that chronic pain results in annual losses of $635 billion in the U.S. alone. This includes the cost of treatments and lost productivity.