Cervical Spine Pain in South Jersey

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We Can Help With Neck, Arm & Leg Pain

As we age, our bodies are prone to natural wear and tear. Even the simple act of looking down at your cell phone can cause damage over time. This natural wear and tear is the root of many cervical spine issues, but they can also be caused or worsened by an injury from workplace or car accidents.

Located at the very top of the spinal column, the cervical spine consists of seven vertebrae. Together, these seven vertebrae form the human neck.

Issues with the cervical spine usually cause pain in the neck, back and sometimes cause pain to radiate into the arms. This pain can be stressful and, at worst, debilitating.

Is your neck pain keeping you up at night? Do you have trouble moving your neck? These are some telltale signs of cervical spine issues.

At ReclaimAbility Pain Services, we understand that everyone’s pain is different. Our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained providers will work with you to create a custom treatment plan designed to fit your needs.


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