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Trigger Point Injection


Pain can originate from the muscles. This is referred to as myofascial pain. Typically, the muscles that are targeted to relieve this pain are very tight and tender in nature. Trigger point injections are utilized with an at-home stretching and exercise regimen to decrease the tension in the muscle groups. You may need to schedule a series of these injections to decrease the pain over a longer period of time.

What to expect

Trigger point injections are typically performed in the office. The doctor will examine the specific muscle groups that are causing you pain. Then the tender, tight areas in the corresponding muscle groups will be located. After thoroughly cleaning the area, the doctor will insert a small needle into the muscle. You may initially feel some pressure at the injection site, but this will go away as the injection continues.


The relief from the injection typically lasts from days to months. You will should feel better when leaving the office that day. Complications are very rare, but contact your doctor if you have any bleeding, redness at the site or shortness of breath.