Ankle & Foot Pain in South Jersey

Best Foot & Ankle Pain Doctors in Linwood & Mount Laurel

If the thought of walking even a few steps makes you cringe, you’re probably familiar with the pain of ankle and foot injuries. Since most activities require some amount of movement, we know this type of pain can be incredibly limiting.

Ankle and foot injuries can present as tenderness, swelling, stiffness or outright pain. Some patients even find that their pain intensifies in the morning or at night. A diagnosis of foot or ankle issues can be made from a physical examination, X-rays or other types of imaging.

A common cause of ankle and foot pain is osteoarthritis. This means that, over time, cartilage has deteriorated, and bones have begun rubbing against each other. This can be a genetic condition or it can develop over time.

Treatments for osteoarthritis and other conditions that can cause ankle and foot pain vary. They may include medications, supports and braces, physical therapy, surgeries and more.

At ReclaimAbility Pain Services, we help you explore all your treatment options. We know that pain can vary in intensity and even in sensation, so our doctors dedicate their time to working with you to personalize a treatment plan.


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