Knee Pain in South Jersey

Best Knee Pain Treatment in Washington Township, NJ

If you experience knee pain, you’re not alone. Every year, some 15 million Americans see a doctor for help with this condition. You’ve probably heard of athletes with torn ACLs, the most common type of knee ligament injury, or people with pain after knee replacements.

While torn ACLs are common, they are not the only type of knee injury. Injuries can also occur to tendons, bursae or the bones and cartilage of the knee.

Fortunately, there are many available treatments for knee injuries. These can range from physical therapy to surgery. As soon as you detect knee pain, it’s important that you investigate the treatments available to you since some injuries can worsen if left untreated. Certain conditions might even increase the possibility of you suffering another knee injury.

At ReclaimAbility Pain Services, we look at each case individually and discuss your condition with you. We work hard to determine the best treatment option to help you regain function and quality of life.


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