How Covid-19 Affects Back Pain

How Covid-19 Affects Back Pain

Covid-19 has had a lasting set of symptoms from respiratory to neurological issues, including a surprising amount of lower back pain. A sedentary lifestyle brought millions of people related ailments, from arthritis to lumbar and pelvic pain, and psychological effects became prevalent, including agoraphobia (or the fear of crowds), increased Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety. These phenomena affect our mental and emotional well-being and can also manifest themselves in the human body, whether it is a psychosomatic rash, or any number of aches and pains resulting from the combination of the pandemic and negative emotions. The diagnosis, treatment, and management of such pain require a holistic approach as well as a sympathetic listener.

The lockdown altered how our society functions as well. Diets changed due to when and where food may be purchased and people have substantially less exercise in their daily regimen. There are also a variety of covid symptoms that can surface in back pain. Sudden changes in lifestyle can add more weight stress to sciatic nerves and sitting in on an endless stream of Zoom calls can exacerbate lower back pain

Viral pandemics have affected our species throughout time. These past pandemics shaped humanity’s function throughout various stages of our evolution. Today, Covid-19 has changed who we are, and how we are together. We can thrive once more after learning how to diagnose, treat, and properly adapt to our collective setbacks and challenges, through a spirit of togetherness and perseverance.


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