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What Are We Thankful for in 2020?

Gratitude will take on an important responsibility this year. It will remind us that regardless of how difficult life can get, there’s always something to be thankful for. It’ll also show us that despite the need to value what we have, it’s also necessary to recognize hardship and understand how a year like the one we’re in can impact everyone in vastly different ways. Inspired by this complex relationship with gratitude that we’ll all be navigating as Thanksgiving approaches, we decided to ask members of our team what they’re thankful for. The responses ranged and if you’re feeling down, hopefully these can spur thoughts about what you’re grateful for.

Our Patients

We strive to make the process of coming to ReclaimAbility Pain Services seamless and effective, but we know patients may still have underlying stress regarding their visits or specific medical issues. That stress is only amplified for many with the concern of COVID-19 and how it impacts office procedures. We’re constantly working to maintain a safe environment for everyone at ReclaimAbility and members of our staff expressed their gratitude for the way patients have gracefully navigated the fluid nature of their visits as our offices continue to adapt.
Other staff members also mentioned how grateful they are for their patients’ trust. Patients that come to ReclaimAbility for help are already enduring pain that is often impacting their quality of life. Heading into the office in the midst of a pandemic can be overwhelming and can induce skepticism regarding safety. We’re thankful that our patients are willing to follow safety guidelines and engage in preventative measures to keep them and our staff safe. One of our team members, Jessenia, mentioned her appreciation of patients wearing face masks “for their safety and the safety of others.” The trust that comes from that has allowed us to continue treating patients and pursuing our main goal—alleviating pain.

Consistency + Change

We cherish the opportunity to make everyone comfortable, whether over the phone, in the office, or via telemedicine. The ReclaimAbility staff mentioned their appreciation for the opportunity to put smiles on the faces of patients, make patients’ interactions with the team smooth & delightful, and even the honor of translating for patients so they have a full understanding of their situation and the approach of our doctors.
While making patients feel at ease and providing emotional help is a consistent part of our process, the pandemic has changed much of the way we operate. Dr. Robert Brecher expressed his gratitude for “the opportunity to utilize technology to continue to work with my patients.” We’re always willing to adjust and as long as we can help you with your pain, we’re excited to use the method that works best depending on the circumstances. Dr. Brecher has been able to continue to help his patients and guide them without the need for an office visit, resulting in safe, yet effective appointments. Our staff has embraced the necessary shift and we’re thankful for the capability to be available for all of our patients.

Moving Forward

Recognizing what we’re grateful for doesn’t diminish the important and strenuous events we’ve been challenged with this year. It does, however, put into perspective that we can find aspects of our situations that are worth appreciation and we’re incredibly thankful because you are at the center of that for the ReclaimAbility Pain Services team. We’re here and we’re ready to help, just as we’ve always been. What are you grateful for? Let us know as Thanksgiving nears and head over to our Instagram page to see clips of our staff talking about what they’re thankful for.

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