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ReclaimAbility welcomes Dr. Adam Schreiber back to the team!

ReclaimAbility welcomes Dr. Adam Schreiber back to the team!

Dr. Adam Schreiber is one of the leading practitioners of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Regenerative Medicine and Pain Medicine. His accolades include the Robert H. Condon, MD Teaching Award for outstanding contributions to resident education at Thomas Jefferson University; the Compassionate Doctor and the Top 10 Doctors awards, which is given annually by Vitals to fewer than 3% of doctors nationally; “Top Docs” for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in SJ Magazine’s; and Dr. Schreiber is a Fellow of the American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Born and raised in South Jersey, Dr. Schreiber discovered his path to the world of healthcare after two major childhood experiences. During Easter services, the young Adam saw medical professionals take care of a parishioner undergoing a medical emergency. Adam wanted to help, but given his age, it wasn’t possible. It was also in youth where Dr. Schreiber met his family physician, known for his innate ability to care and to empathize with patients, making a passing minute feel like an impactful five minutes. During these moments of help and care, Dr. Schreiber felt most in his element.

This drive carried him throughout his high school years at Triton Regional High School where he also developed an interest in science. Dr. Schreiber attended The College of William and Mary, founded in the 17th century, and earned two bachelor degrees in psychology and chemistry and a master’s degree in chemistry.

Given the popularity of the medical drama ER at the time, droves of students were interested in healthcare professions and competition was fierce to be accepted into medical school. Upon graduating from The College of William and Mary, Dr. Schreiber was accepted to the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine; founded in 1892, it was the first institution in the world to provide education in Osteopathic Medicine. Later, he interned at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, followed by his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia with additional training through their Department of Radiology. With this robust training, Dr. Schreiber has maintained a successful career as a professor and instructor at the De Busk College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), and maintains professorship at The Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University where he worked for many years.

Adam Schreiber, DO

Dr. Schreiber’s role at ReclaimAbility as Director of Regenerative Medicine combines his distinguished academic background with the latest technical advances. For instance, ultrasound guided injections allow for the highest degree of accuracy where traditional methods cannot guarantee a successful injection on the first try. Other techniques such as needle tenotomy and platelet rich plasma injections are used to stimulate a person’s body to heal and are less invasive than surgery. Though these techniques solve the technical aspects of treating patients, when it comes to treating the whole person, new technology does not replace human interaction.

A patient may come into the office with neck pain and after checking the likely sources for discomfort, the diagnosis could potentially be inconclusive. Undeterred, Dr. Schreiber’s approach is to “make that make sense.” Seemingly unrelated signs may correlate with the source of a patient’s issues that aren’t readily apparent. How someone types, sleeps, trains for a sport or plays an instrument may factor into the diagnosis. Listening and asking the right questions makes a difference in care. When a patient speaks to Dr. Schreiber, he listens.

This combination of logic, high technology, and human empathy comprise Dr. Schreiber’s tenets at ReclaimAbility. As the new Director of Regenerative Medicine, he ensures that patients have access to the latest innovations in care. Dr. Schreiber’s patients are able to return back to their lives.

ReclaimAbility is happy to welcome back, Dr. Adam Schreiber!

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