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ReclaimAbility Collects Holiday Donations on Behalf of NJ Non-Profit: City of Angels

ReclaimAbility Collects Holiday Donations on Behalf of NJ Non-Profit: City of Angels

“There is nothing more heartwarming than to be able to know that a child has a present from Santa when they least expected it.”

Giving back is an essential part of the holiday season. As we consider what we want on our Christmas list this year, we can’t help but think of those who won’t be receiving gifts. This is why ReclaimAbility has decided to support City of Angels and their Annual Christmas Event, helping provide donations for local families in need.

City of Angels is a local, New Jersey non-profit founded in 2009 that helps people and families impacted by addiction. Their team of volunteers is committed to helping anyone, regardless of any factor, including treatment history and insurance status. City of Angels performs hundreds of interventions and referrals for treatment each year, offering education for the community as well as support for families.

Ultimately, City of Angels helps people struggling in our community so that they can regain a better quality of life. ReclaimAbility truly believes in this mission. We work toward the same goal, providing the tools and assistance needed for people in pain, helping them return to a better way of life. This collaboration is very unique because people typically associate pain management with opioid medication. However, ReclaimAbility handles these matters very carefully, offering a diverse variety of treatment options far beyond yet including opioid medication. Each patient is treated on an individual basis, so we can develop a treatment plan that works for our patients, depending on their personal situation.

“With advancement in technology, we have numerous treatment options that have helped us reduce reliance on opioid therapy as the only way to treat acute and chronic pain. That being said, opioid therapy continues to be a treatment option for some patients and we can help them navigate between the risks and benefits of the treatment.”

Our patients at ReclaimAbility are our number one priority. Their quality of life, their ability to return to doing things they love, and the progress they make through treatment are one of the major things we focus on as a practice. We are constantly keeping ourselves informed on current developments in our industry so we can continue offering an immense amount of options for our patients. We work together in finding what fits our patients needs and preferences the best. The current opioid epidemic is a devastating issue and we are compelled to reach out to this community with open arms. We are committed to helping our community understand these issues and we dive into these hard conversations because they are important.

“It is difficult to talk about pain medications without understanding addiction. Instead of focusing only on risk-reducing strategies to protect our patients, our collaboration with City of Angels will provide us with the ability to have a more comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment plan for our patients. Our non-opioid treatment program can help patients who are at a higher risk for addiction so they can live their life more comfortably.”

Our Christmas wish is to help create happy holiday memories for children who aren’t always visited by Santa Claus. To keep people safe from the pain of a disappointing holiday. To provide warmth, support and empathy for those who are struggling. We are grateful to support such an important cause with City of Angels. We are committed to remaining aware of addiction risks and we are here if you have any questions about treatment options.
Please help us by visiting one of our four office locations to drop off your donations. We will be accepting donations until December 20th.

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