Wrist & Hand Pain in South Jersey

What You Need to Know

With so many people working stationary jobs at desks and computers, wrist and hand problems have become more prevalent and more debilitating. 

Thinking about wrist and hand pain, the condition that immediately comes to mind is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by excessive pressure on the medial nerve. Other conditions that can cause pain in the wrist and hands are breaks such as sprains and fractures, arthritis, and other diseases.

There are as many methods of detection as there are possible causes of pain. A doctor may perform a physical exam, request an imaging test such as an MRI, or order an arthroscope or electromyogram. An arthroscope can be used to inspect and even repair the inside of the wrist. An electromyogram is used to detect the conduction of electrical impulses between the muscles in the wrist.

While the detection options may seem overwhelming, the board-certified, fellowship-trained doctors at ReclaimAbility Pain Services will work with you to decide on the best test and then to choose the best treatment plan.