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Wrist & Hand Pain in South

Are You Dealing With Hand or Wrist Pain?

With so many people working stationary jobs at desks and computers, wrist and hand problems have become more prevalent and more debilitating.

Thinking about wrist and hand pain, one of the most common issues associated with wrist and hand pain is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by excessive pressure on the median nerve. Other conditions that can cause pain in the wrist and hands are breaks such as sprains and fractures, arthritis, and other diseases.

There are as many methods of detection as there are possible causes of pain. A doctor may perform a physical exam, request an imaging test such as an MRI, or order an arthroscope or electromyogram. An arthroscope can be used to inspect and even repair the inside of the wrist. An electromyogram is used to detect the conduction of electrical impulses between the muscles in the wrist.
While the detection options may seem overwhelming, the board-certified, fellowship-trained doctors at ReclaimAbility Pain Services will work with you to decide on the best test and then to choose the best treatment plan.

Hand & Wrist Pain Experts in Cherry Hill, Linwood, & Mount Laurel

Get back to doing what you love with a professional hand and wrist pain management plan. Dedicated to helping our clients in South Jersey enjoy a pain-free lifestyle, our compassionate specialists offer customized hand and wrist pain management for improved mobility, reduced pain, and enhanced quality of life that lasts.
With years of experience managing pain and providing osteoarthritis treatments in Cherry Hill and Mt. Laurel, NJ, our board-certified team is well-versed in the most effective healing techniques. By combining in-depth medical knowledge with the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the industry, our comprehensive treatments lead to lasting benefits. With our cost-effective osteoarthritis pain treatments in South Jersey, our patients experience:
Wrist Hand
We Can Help With Hand Pain & Osteoarthritis Treatment in South Jersey

Since hand and wrist pain can stem from a variety of sources, our primary focus is accurate diagnosis and careful evaluation. As the leading wrist pain and osteoarthritis pain treatment centers in Sewell, Washington Township, Linwood, Cherry Hill, and Mount Laurel, our qualified medical professionals prioritize thorough examination. Following an accurate diagnosis, we customize a pain or osteoarthritis treatment plan around your specific healthcare needs.

By accurately identifying the source of your hand pain, wrist pain, or osteoarthritis condition, we provide our clients with treatments that target the root of the problem. We know the significance of pain-free dexterity and mobility and only offer proven solutions backed by sound medical research to promote long-term pain reduction.

Our flexible specialists openly share their medical expertise on hand, wrist, and elbow pain in Sewell, NJ. We have successfully treated nearly every type of injury or chronic pain condition and specialize in:
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • & More

As our network of caring providers has expanded, we proudly offer our comprehensive pain management solutions in several locations across South Jersey. We are committed to making reliable pain therapy accessible, convenient, and affordable for everyone in need. Whether you’re dealing with a hand injury in Linwood, NJ, or suffering from chronic arthritis in Washington Township, NJ, our caring team will gladly accommodate your healing needs.

Every personalized pain management session is designed with your long-term goals in mind. Beyond helping you through the pain, we’re committed to providing the best follow-up care in the healthcare industry. We share valuable strategies to maintain pain reduction, offer detailed healthcare education, and do everything we can to prevent your painful symptoms from re-emerging.

If you’re dealing with hand, wrist, or elbow pain, give our friendly medical team a call today. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve an improved quality of life and we’re ready to come up with a personalized plan for lasting pain relief today!