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As a military spouse, Jessica has faced years of moving across the country and seeking pain treatment from several doctors in different states. Finding one doctor to trust with your story and pain can be hard. For Jessica, constantly changing providers left her feeling lost and disrespected.

Jessica was a victim of a severe car accident. In the 10 years since the accident, she has faced several health issues due to severe pain and nerve damage.

While seeking relief for her pain with other doctors, Jessica found “there was more medicine thrown at me than trying to get to the bottom of the issue.” She wanted to find a pain management physician who would help her understand what was causing her pain. This would prove to her that the doctor wanted to properly treat her pain and not just cover it up.

Jessica was sent to ReclaimAbility Pain Services through a referral from her insurance company. From the first time she met Dr. Niti Cooper, Jessica felt confident that Dr. Cooper would truly listen to her and try to get to the bottom of what was going on.

“I could see how very sweet and compassionate Dr. Cooper was,” Jessica said.

Dr. Cooper ordered several tests after Jessica’s consultation to determine the causes of her pain. She then explained to Jessica the precise nature of her pain and which treatment methods could help her find relief.

“Dr. Cooper just kept me very confident of how things were gonna work out,” Jessica stated. She also appreciated her honesty. “She never guaranteed me everything would be 100 percent again, but she told me that she would try and get me to that point.”

For many patients, pain management does not mean finding a cure. It’s about finding the right tools for managing and coping with chronic pain. With ReclaimAbility’s dynamic and empathetic team of physicians and advanced practice providers, we can work together to develop a treatment plan to help you find long-lasting relief from pain.

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