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Chronic Abdominal Pain


Chronic abdominal pain is a disabling condition that can impact daily life. Typically, abdominal pain can be identified and treated by a primary care physician, surgeon and gastrointestinal doctor. In some circumstances, the pain can last for more than three months without an identifiable source of pain despite an extensive workup. If physicians are unable to find the underlying source of pain, other modalities can be employed.


There can be a multitude of causes of abdominal pain. It is of the utmost importance to initially follow up with your primary doctor, gastrointestinal doctor or surgeon to properly diagnose the etiology of the pain. They may need to perform blood tests, X-rays, CT scans or an endoscopy procedure.


Pain can range from low-level constant cramps to severe, intense sharp pains.
Particular treatment modalities depend on presenting symptoms.