Shoulder Pain in South Jersey

Shoulder Pain

Best Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment in Mt Laurel, NJ

The human body is fascinating in its complexity. Just examine your shoulder and you’ll see. Here, your upper arm bone, also called the humerus, meets your shoulder blade and collarbone. These 3 bones are held together using a complicated system of joints and connective tissue.

This allows for the shoulder’s wide range of motion, but it also means the shoulder is more vulnerable than other parts of your body. Shoulder pain is often the result of an injury or simply overuse resulting in a condition like bursitis.  

Most shoulder issues affect a small area and, with proper treatment, only last a short time. Generally, these conditions fall into one of four categories: instability, arthritis, tendon inflammation and fractures.

That being said, other issues can also cause pain in your shoulder area. Feeling a tingling sensation in your hand or arm? Bring this up with your doctor as it may indicate the presence of a nerve being compressed.   

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