Medial Epicondylitis

What You Need to Know

Medial epicondylitis is more commonly known as “golfer’s elbow.” It is also considered tendinosis of the elbow and often occurs from overuse. It is most commonly seen in athletes. Specifically, golfers and baseball pitches.


There are several conditions that can cause medial epicondylitis. Since this injury is commonly seen in athletes, it can be caused by poor sporting technique or the use of inappropriate sporting equipment. It can also be caused by lack of muscle conditioning and overuse of the elbow.


  • Pain over the medial (inner) elbow.
  • Pain worse with wrist flexion.
  • Pain worse with repetitive activities.
  • No numbness or tingling is unlikely
  • Infrequent weakness.

Physical therapy can entail stretching and strengthening of the wrist flexors and extensors, elbow extensors and flexors, and forearm pronators and supinators. If conservative care doesn’t produce results, surgical intervention may be an option.