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Ganglion Impar Block


A ganglion impar block prevents pain signals that travel through the nerves to the groin and rectal area. This injection can be helpful in determining where your pain may be coming from and can also provide short term relief from your pain symptoms.

What to expect

The doctor will typically perform this injection in an operating room suite with the use of an X-ray machine to guide the injection. During this procedure you will lay on your stomach. After the doctor identifies the target site with an X-ray machine, a small needle is used to inject numbing medications into the skin. The doctor will then position the needle using the X-ray machine. Once the needle is in proper position, a medication will be injected that can cause pressure in the area. Typically, if the injection is effective, relief will occur immediately following the injection and may last for several hours to weeks.


This is a same day procedure and recovery time is minimal. Rest or light activity is suggested for the first 24 to 48 hours following the injection. The relief from the injection typically lasts for days or even weeks. Complications are rare, but contact your doctor if you have any bleeding, redness, major changes in bowel/bladder habits, blood in your stool or increased pain.