Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What You Need to Know

Cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain (CBT-CP) is a scientifically validated treatment to achieve relief from pain and help maintain and/or restore your quality of life.

In CBT-CP, you will discuss the difficulties of living with chronic pain. Specific attention is given to sources of chronic stress, including how living with chronic pain has influenced your self-image, the expectations you have living with chronic pain, and the ways chronic pain has disrupted your daily life.

Research has observed that chronic stress can increase pain and make it more difficult for medical treatments to produce the maximum effect by:

  1. Causing greater resting muscle tension.
  2. Reducing the body’s ability to heal following an injury.
  3. Causing neurological changes in the central nervous system and promoting the sensation of pain.

By addressing the sources of stress, CBT-CP can reduce some of the worry, anxiety, sadness, depression and frustration caused by chronic pain. This, in turn, can prevent chronic stress from interfering with your medical and physical pain management treatments.

What to expect

Over the course of therapy, CBT-CP aims to reduce stress by developing and implementing an individualized way of responding to your chronic pain. This should reduce emotional distress and improve the quality of your daily life.